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    AG Neovo Signage Displays & Touch Solutions

    12-Nov-2018   /   Tell A Friend

    AG Neovo Signage Displays & Touch Solutions, The Display Choice of Professionals AG Neovo offers professional digital signage solutions to..

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    05-Oct-2018   /   Tell A Friend

    Entry Sentry Tailgate Detection helps to ensure that only one individual enters through a secured doorway for each valid authorization. The En..

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    Millennium Launches a New Video Section to their website

    01-Oct-2018   /   Tell A Friend

    Millennium launches a new video section to their website ..

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    HTNG releases fiber vs copper cost comparison tool _ Tellabs

    18-Sep-2018   /   Tell A Friend

    Last week, Hospitality Technology Next Generation (HTNG) Fiber to the Room (FTTR) Workgroup released a fiber-based versus copper-based network cost co..

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    Senstar Symphony™ 7.1 Video Management Software Now Available

    11-Sep-2018   /   Tell A Friend

    Senstar Symphony™ 7.1 Video Management Software Now Available Ottawa, ON, Canada – September 7, 2018 – Senstar, a world le..

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    3 more fan favorite OLAN Operational Efficiencies _ Tellabs

    13-Aug-2018   /   Tell A Friend

    In last week’s blog, I wrote that many of our customers have stated their greatest benets of Optical LAN come from the operational eciencies..

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    Senstar Face Recognition - Every Face tells a story

    13-Aug-2018   /   Tell A Friend

    Senstar Face Recognition – Every face tells a story August 7, 2018 Senstar Face Recognition (https://senstar.com/?..

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    New Video Alert- Introduction to the Millennium Access Control Systems

    26-Jul-2018   /   Tell A Friend

    Introduction to The Millennium Access Control Suite of Products and Systems, Ultra Version updates, and Announcement of Major Upgrades ..

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    Senstar - Highlights and Recent News

    23-Jul-2018   /   Tell A Friend

    Highlights and Recent News, FiberPatrol FP1150, Meet Thin Client, GDPR Compliance, Case Studies, and more. ..

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    FiberPatrol FP1150

    20-Jun-2018   /   Tell A Friend

    Senstar Introduces the FiberPatrol FP1150 Fence-mounted Intrusion Detection System Newest addition to company’s fiber optic perimeter intrusion ..

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