Tellabs FlexSym Series

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Tellabs FlexSym Series

The new Tellabs FlexSym Series offers 2x PON ports (8-port OIU8), 4x bandwidth per port (symmetrical 10G XGS-PON), and thus 4x Ethernet ports per PON.

FlexSym 6 Optical Line Terminal (OLT6)
[Limited Availability]

The Tellabs FlexSym 6 Optical Line Terminal (OLT6) distribution shelf is designed for midsized enterprise deployments. The Tellabs FlexSym OLT6 is scalable for enterprise Optical LAN support of GPON 2.5G, symmetrical XGS-PON 10G and future NG-PON2 40G.

Features & Benefits

  • Up to 32 PON interfaces and up to 2,048 ONTs (with OIU8)
  • 80 Gbps per multiservice slot capable
  • Ideal for G-PON 2.5G, XGS-PON 10G and future NG-PON2 40G
  • 48GbE in network connectivity (with redundant ESU32)
  • Future 100G uplink connectivity next-gen Ethernet Switch Unit

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FlexSym Optical Interface Unit Eight (OIU8) [Limited Availability]

The Tellabs FlexSym Optical Interface Unit Eight (OIU8) is an 8-port Passive Optical Network (PON) service module. The Tellabs FlexSym OIU8 can simultaneously delivers flexible extended Ethernet connectivity for a true enterprise Passive Optical LAN using ITU-T 984 G-PON and ITU-T 989 XGS-PON symmetrical 10G technologies.

Features and Benefits

  • 8-port PON service module with XFP selectable ITU 984 G-PON 2.5G or ITU 989 XGS-PON symmetrical 10G connectivity
  • Open-source and standards-based Software Defined Networking (SDN) ready, plus NG-PON2 capable with future software
  • XGS-PON bi-directional AES128 Encryption with churning key with Tellabs FlexSym ONT205
  • Compatible with QOIU7 for cost-effective and graceful migration from G-PON 2.5G to XGS-PON 10G and then NG-PON2 40G
  • Environmentally-hardened for remote deployments in areas with no air conditioning nor heating
  • Enterprise data including wireless access, access control, security, surveillance, building environment and automation

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FlexSym 205 Optical Network Terminal(ONT205) [Limited Availability]

The Tellabs FlexSym 205 Optical Network Terminal (ONT205) offers 5-ports of Ethernet with options for 1G, 2.5G, 5G and 10G speed connectivity. The Tellabs FlexSym ONT205 provides flexible and symmetrical extended Ethernet connectivity over a passive optical network at 1G, 2.5G, 5G and 10G speeds.

Features & Benefits

  • Enclosure's fire retardant plastic passes plenum fire test
  • Four (4) 10/100/1000 and one (1) 10G interface with Power over Ethernet support for 4PPoE supporting
  • 802.3af/at/bt
  • Overlay ITU 948 G-PON ONTs with ITU 989 XGS-PON 10G ONT on same fiber protecting existing
  • infrastructure investments
  • Deliver 10G capacity only where necessary to optimize space, energy and monetary issues associated
  • with 10G
  • ONT205 supports 1G, 2.5G, 5G and 10G as needed properly aligning network design with true traffic
  • requirements
  • Uses Tellabs’ industry-leading software-defined global profiles, traffic management, security, provisioning
  • and traffic management mechanisms
  • Management can be server, laptop, tablet, cloud-based and lays the foundation for future software defined
  • networking automation.
  • Supports Dante and CobraNet digital audio systems over IP
  • Bi-directional AES-128 encryption with 60 second churning of keys

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