Senstar LM100™ Senstar LM100™ Hybrid Perimeter Intrusion Detection and Intelligent Lighting System

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Senstar LM100™ 
Hybrid Perimeter Intrusion Detection and Intelligent Lighting System 

Senstar LM100 Real World Demonstration


The Senstar LM100 is the world’s first 2-in-1 perimeter intrusion detection and intelligent lighting system. Combining two key security 
functions in one cutting-edge product, the LM100 is a powerful deterrent for intruders – detecting and illuminating them at the fence line 
while alerting the site’s security system. 

The Senstar LM100 lights the way to saving money! 

With its ultra-efficient LED technology, simple installation, and long lifespan, the Senstar LM100 provides a Return On Investment (ROI) 
far exceeding that of traditional perimeter security lighting. By virtually eliminating maintenance costs and drastically reducing electricity 
usage, the Senstar LM100 has the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of any perimeter security lighting solution. 

The following graph compares the 6-year TCO of current perimeter security lighting technologies. These costs take into account material, 
installation, operating, and maintenance costs over a 6-year period and are based on a 600 m (0.37 mi) fence perimeter.

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