New Video Alert- Introduction to the Millennium Access Control Systems

26-Jul-2018   /   Tell A Friend

Introduction to The Millennium Access Control Suite of Products and Systems, Ultra Version updates, and Announcement of Major Upgrades

Introduction to The Millennium Access Control Suite of Products and Systems

In this video, we show you the various options available for a Millennium Access Control system. We also explain what the components of a Millennium system is, and the features of each of these components.

Millennium Ultra Version 2.10.0 Is Here

Version 2.1.0 includes several bug fixes and software optimization enhancements.

Click here for download and release notes

Anticipate Some Major Upgrades

We're just 5 weeks away from the launch of our Millennium Ultra version 3.0. With this major upgrade, you can expect to get many new features to enhance your Millennium Access Control System.

Here's #6 Feature to expect

More Cardholder Functionalities Included

Millennium Ultra will feature the added possibility to disable fields for the Cardholder page. Now, the operator will have the ability to turn off the “Visibility” checkbox with “Operator-Defined fields” page and the field will be disabled

More to come.........

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