3 more fan favorite OLAN Operational Efficiencies _ Tellabs

13-Aug-2018   /   Tell A Friend

In last week’s blog, I wrote that many of our customers have stated their greatest benets of Optical LAN come from the operational eciencies achieved with Tellabs™ Panorama™ PON Manager. For example, one of our federal government customers said their IT sta struggled with operating their old copper-based LAN. The full-functioning workgroup switches scattered across their large campus monopolized their sta’s time because the switches required local touches to manage. With the centrally controlled Optical LAN, they now enjoy a 6-to-1 reduction in IT sta needed to perform the daily network, moves, adds, and changes. Not only did they save money – an 83% reduction by their calculation – but more importantly it helped shift their IT sta resources to more strategic projects. Better yet, with reduced human touches, they improved network security and reliability.  Read more..

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